Monday, July 19, 2010

You Done Goofed!

The Video

     Meet Jessi Slaughter, an eleven year old girl starring in the latest viral video to spread around the webosphere. She didn’t sing, she didn’t dance, BUT she did post a video of her reaction being recently tormented by haters of her YouTube videos.

     “I just wanted to say, that you guys have ruined my life!” sobs Jessi in the video. “This is my dad…” she adds, sniffling. A furious, and mustached, man appears kneeling in the background. Jessi’s father begins yelling, cursing and threatening the people who have recently been terrorizing his daughter over the internet.

     Throughout the video he says things like “I’ll report you to the cyber police!”, “Consquences will never be the same!”, and the phrase that coined the viral video its name, “YOU DONE GOOFED”. Such phrases have made the video popular online. On YouTube the video currently has over one million views.

     It’s pretty obvious this isn’t your typical viral video here. A preteen girl is crying her eyes out, victim to the evils and unkindness of the internet. Jessi’s personal information has also been leaked, resulting into prank calls and even death threats. Now, she’s placed under police protection. How exactly did this happened?

She Can’t Be Tamed

     Meet Jessi Slaughter, before the rude comments, threats, and “trolls” by her youtube haters. She had two channels- Kerligirl13 and XxXJessiSlaughterXxX. Jessi also had other accounts on sites like Tumblr and Facebook. Let’s take a look at an excerpt of her bio on said accounts.

“Ello Im Jessi Toxic Slaughter. I Can Be A B**** In The A** If I Want To. Im Scenekore And Its Siq!... I Party Till I Pass Out And I F*** Till I Bleed. Im Meh and Only Me I Cant Be Tamed.”
     The background of one of her channels is a strange multi-colored zebra print, emulating “scene”. Postings of song lyrics are included in the side bar, as well a list of her hobbies- “f****** and music”. But what does she say in her actual videos? The video she posted before YDG happens to be an address to all of her haters.
“Hey Youtube, its Jessi Slaughter here and this is to all my f***** haters, okay. Guess what, you guys are b*****, you know what, you don’t phase me…”

Brain Slushies-  Now available at a super market near you!
     She goes on to say a multitude of crap for the next four minutes and twenty-six seconds of the video. Jessi informs us that she’s prettier, has more friends, and more people like her. She says she has not just one, but three boyfriends. (Yep, you heard me, three). She also goes on to say that she’s not scene or emo, and she doesn’t believe in labels. She even gets violent, saying she’ll “pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie” if you threaten her, and tells them to go “Get AIDS and die”. Oh, and to “suck my non-existing penis”. 


     The sick, dark reality of the situation is obvious. No one deserves to be cyber bullied. No one. People who are rude to others on the internet are wasting their time. But really, what did this girl expect? Jessi has also posted suggestive videos and pictures of herself in the past. (AND SHE’S FREAKIN’ ELEVEN.) It’s simple, if you purposely act b***** or slutty, then that’s what people will think of you. If you act scene or emo, then people will associate you with that label. Because when acting like an idiot on the internet, the consequences sure aren’t the same.

     Her parents are apparently oblivious of their daughter’s internet activity. When asked if she saw the video Jessi posted about her haters, Jessi’s mom said she hadn’t seen it.

Who’s "Done Goofed"?

     So, who has really done goofed here? The people of the internet, who are spending way to much time making fun of a stupid eleven-year-old when they could be doing something worth their time?

     Or is it the parents of Jessi, who have not taken the time to really see what their daughter been doing on the internet?

     Or maybe Jessi herself, an eleven year old who has tried SO HARD to portray herself to the internet as a b*****, rude, cool, “scenekore”, sleazy chick, but in reality is only a poser; a fame-wanting, self- conscious, teary eyed, red-faced little girl? A child?
      It might be the society we live in today. The society full of balloon boys, Jersey Shorers, and now Jessi’s. The one that says it’s okay to act like an attention whore and slut (that’s right, and no matter what age you are too!). The one that promotes using f*** in every sentence you utter. The one with absolutely no self respect. And the one that gives young people like me the impression that it’s much cooler to be a rebel and do nothing, then to create and learn. To do something worth living for.

    You all done goofed.

Testing...Testing...Is This Mic On?

Ahem. Ahem. Oh hi! I wasn’t exactly sure how to begin posting on here, but I guess I’ll start with hello.

And the definition of Going Jesse, which means a successful endeavor or enterprise. I don’t have a brother named Jesse, I’m not changing my name to Jesse, and no, I’m not tattooing the name Jesse on my arm. Glad we got that awkward conversation taken care of.